Nest devices missing from Smartthings ide

Any know how to get Nest devices to show in the ide?

you can’t…

I added my Nest Hello to the ST app yesterday with no problems but just not showing in the ide. Is there way to up the hub via ide

no, none of the nest devices will show in IDE. there is nothing you can do on your end.

ok thank you for the info

jkp, could you elaborate why Nest devices won’t show in IDE please?

Because the integration is built using the new schema integration not Groovy. (this is how all new stuff should be built BTW, the Groovy IDE is being sunset - target time frame end of year)

Backcompat to Groovy is not automatic and requires effort. Also integration is generally the responsibility of the manufacturers. Im pretty surr Google looked at this and decided putting effort into making backwards compatibility to the Groovy IDE (which is being sunset) was not on thier priority list.

What I find more troubling is the fact that Google also seems to want to limit our ability to automate the devices as they’re not available in the rules API either…