Nest device type with a bunch of new features

I use the same method. I was just wondering if there was any good reason to still use it.

Learning mode is good for people with schedules that don’t vary much.

I’m using the nest in my son’s room to activate a humidifier when the humidity drops below a certain level and turn it off when it goes above a certain level.

I’ve noticed that when I go into the smartapp and hit refresh, it usually updates the humidity reading and then turns on the humidifier.

Is there a way for smarthings to automatically request temp and humidity updates more frequently and more regularly? I’d like an update everyone 5-10 min so I can actually use it as a temp/humidity sensor.

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You should consider using nest manager, which is the latest nest support

It will keep much better up to date with what your thermostat is reporting.

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I’ll give it a try! Thanks!

I am doing something similar with a humidity sensor in a bathroom to turn on the fan if humidity in the bathroom is 5% higher than the nest in the hallway. Sensors do often not work instantly but may take a couple of mins.

It seems to be working much better with Nest manager.