Nest device type with a bunch of new features

Thank god I’m not the only one.

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Actually, I was thinking about this. Is there a way to just add an alternate temp sensor in the Nest device type instead of having to use Keep Me Cozy II?

In addition, can someone please explain how keep me cozy II works? When the temp set point changes does it just check the alternate sensor and then add how ever many degrees it needs to match the set point? It so, this would work horribly.

Trying to get set up. I copied the code into the device type and have edited the preferences with my login and serial info but when I tap on Nest under devices, the smartthings app immediately crashes. I do see the device controls for a split second.

Any ideas?

I also have the same problem. iPhone 6s.

Also just blowing up with an iPhone 6s.

Hiya. Check out the thread below - I made the suggestions there made by desertblade and it immediately worked. Happy times.

Got it working - made a comment in the other thread about what specific code had to be changed. I also had odd characters in the code before the degree symbol - an accented capital A. It just displayed funny. I just deleted it.

I also changed the color of the humidity up/down buttons to green to match the humidity percent display as having them match the cool up/down buttons was confusing…


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There is one thing that is not displaying for me on this Nest device type. I have a setup where I have a propane furnace as the Alt heat. So, within Nest it is set as Dual Fuel with Heat Stage 1 (Electric), Heat Stage 2 (Electric) and Heat Alt 1 (Propane).

When the Propane furnace is running (when it is below the temp that I have set for Alt heat), this device type registers the operation as idle. I think that is due to only having

def emergencyHeat() {


def setThermostatMode(mode) {
	mode = mode == 'emergency heat'? 'heat' : mode

	api('thermostat_mode', ['target_change_pending': true, 'target_temperature_type': mode]) {
		mode = mode == 'range' ? 'auto' : mode
		sendEvent(name: 'thermostatMode', value: mode)

I do not know enough about the Nest API to know what to add though to make this show heating when it is using Stage 2 and Alt 1.

I’ve got Nest connected to my Amazon Echo via ST. I am able to say “Alexa, set Nest to 70” and it works great. Is there a way to tell Amazon Echo to turn “down the temp by one degrees”, or better yet, “Alexa, turn Nest cooler.” so that Nest will drop the temp by 1 degrees (and vice versa to tell it to make it warmer). Since I sometimes don’t know the exact temp that Nest is set at (eg across the room and the motion sensor doesn’t have the device screen on, it would be great (if I’m warm or cold) to just tell Alexa to make it warmer or cooler. Thoughts? Thanks!

@Chris_McCown, if you are still looking, look for post 29380, “alexa helper”. Between that and rule machine (search) pretty much nothing you can not do

Here’s a list of Ecobee commands that all work with my Nest:

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Has anyone tried leaving “learning mode” on when using Nest with ST? Good or bad results?

I disabled the Nest learning mode. I use Nest Manager app developed by tonesto7 to have Nest follow my ST routines. I work different shifts and the Nest learning feature was would always be trying to catch up to my schedule and I was having to constantly adjust it.

Also some of those ecobee commands don’t work with my Alexa talking to Nest. I have to tell Alexa the temperature I want Nest set at.

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Yep I long ago disabled Nest learning and auto-away, Nest Manager handles everything flawlessly.

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I use the same method. I was just wondering if there was any good reason to still use it.

Learning mode is good for people with schedules that don’t vary much.

I’m using the nest in my son’s room to activate a humidifier when the humidity drops below a certain level and turn it off when it goes above a certain level.

I’ve noticed that when I go into the smartapp and hit refresh, it usually updates the humidity reading and then turns on the humidifier.

Is there a way for smarthings to automatically request temp and humidity updates more frequently and more regularly? I’d like an update everyone 5-10 min so I can actually use it as a temp/humidity sensor.

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You should consider using nest manager, which is the latest nest support

It will keep much better up to date with what your thermostat is reporting.

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I’ll give it a try! Thanks!

I am doing something similar with a humidity sensor in a bathroom to turn on the fan if humidity in the bathroom is 5% higher than the nest in the hallway. Sensors do often not work instantly but may take a couple of mins.