Nest Cam motion to turn on light switch using ifttt

Pretty self explanatory but I’m having difficulty connecting the two. Very new to Ifttt, and sort of new to Smartthings.

I just bought my nest cam today and will also try to set this up, I will let you know if i can create the recipe. If you beat me to it please post results.

@Devon_Brent what bulb/socket/switch are you using for the light?

I’m using a WD500Z-1 switch with regular light bulbs. I figured out how to set up the Nest Cam to trigger the switch through IFTTT however the delay is so long it is unusable. I also set up the Nest manager 4.0 smartapp in ST but there is no option for using the Nest cam motion detection for triggers although I think I can see them in the events log…

Have you had any luck @mejori?