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Nest Cam: Formerly Dropcam

(Beckwith) #61

Contact support and they will make it available.

(Sean) #62

Has there been any integration of the Nest Cam and ST yet? Please share…

(Beckwith) #63

Not as far as I know. Drop Cam used to be supported but was pulled because of an issue with Nest (long story)… However, I’m told support will release the Drop Cam device type upon request.

(Sean) #64

Thank you for the update… ST is the best hub system out there right now by far. I want the best camera and it’s clear that Nest Cam is one of the best cams out there (in addition to the new Samsung camera, of course!).

It seems like clear Nest integrations across the board would be good for the Nest thermostat, Nest protect and the Nest cameras…

Hopefully, ST is listening!

(ng) #65

Anyone have a way of connecting these two together?

(Brian) #66

The only way I have found is via IFTTT where you can use sound or motion triggers coming from the camera. but I’ve found no way to integrate the video feed.


I just need a way to turn the camera on when I set ST mode to night.

(Stephen) #68

I use a plug in module to accomplish this


$50 off the normal price…

(Matt Kairys) #70

You are most definitely correct. I wonder, however, why Smartthings chose to support Google Home out of the box! I set fire to Alexa because I chose to adopt GH… because I assumed that Google support meant ALL Google support. Including Nest. Oops. I was, apparently, wrong.

(John O) #71

@Daerve I have installed nest manager 4.0. It sees my nest cameras (one indoor and one outdoor) in CoRE it sees the cameras as switches… When my house goes into night mode my cameras come on. I can also turn them on/off from Google home and Alexa. With nest Manger they are just seen as switches.

(Devon Brent) #72

How/Where do you install ‘nest manager 4.0’?

(jkp) #73

You can start here on installing nest manager:

and here:

(Yves Racine) #74

Another alternative here: