Nest Cam: Formerly Dropcam

@beckwith I think we need a nestcam connect app just like dropcam.

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Installed new nest cam. Already have two dropcam pro integrated with SmartThings. ST would not detect nest cam. As mentioned by ‘smart’ earlier, the dropcam iOS app also would not detect smart cam. It’s a bummer. Without smartthings integration not sure if I will keep nest cam. Will wait for the next 30 days for integration to be build before returning this.

Don’t return it buddy. The clarity and the view angle is really nice… You can always use the Nest app or some expert will come up with a connect app.

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Use iOS nest app… It will detect dropcams as well as nest cam as well as connects with Rachio or Philips hue if you have other nest products… They are making that the main Nest and works with Nest controller app I guess. Living room is nest cam and the rest are dropcam pro HD.

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Good to hear you are having success. Took me three days to run the “one minute” setup. I was amazed that Nest “e-support” is a three day turnaround. Once I called Nest, they walked me through setup plugging my Nest directly into my PC. I’m also disappointed in the many bugs and reduced features moving from Dropcam to Nest Cam. The higher streaming resolution is nice, but I would rather see an outdoor solution.

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I got my NestCam as soon as it came out and ofcourse after it was all set up (DropCase) I could not add it to Smartthings. I was super bummed because by this point Best Buy’s $180 DropCam Pro deal was depleted. At the end I returned the NestCam and got a Pro on eBay. I must say I think the video quality on the NestCam was unimpressive. I am happy with the Pro, if anyone is looking to add cameras don’t risk getting the NestCam and hope that one day it will work. Just get a Pro while they are out there, you wont be able to tell the difference! [especially in the photos Smartthings takes]

Did you change the default resolution from 720 to 1080 to check the difference? Even though it will hit the bandwidth. I have 2 of each and the quality on the nest can is much better as well as the angle that it covers. But then again my thoughts.


I agree…I just replaced a ‘silver’ DropCam (not Pro) with a Nest Cam and the quality is night and day. While it is a little discouraging that they don’t pair with SmartThings (yet), I have a feeling a whole slew of cameras will suddenly be usable when hub 2.0 comes out…just a feeling.

Speaking of the Pros, I was going to put the ones I have on eBay, but I am willing to sell them up to someone here if they want to take all of them off my hands. I have 4 Pros and one more “regular” silver DropCam. I sold the silver one for $80 recently, but am open to negotiation if someone wants all of these (even if to re-sell them). Let me know via PM.

Yes I did, it was the first thing I did…

Man MichaelS I just ordered another one on eBay this morning…

I’m not sure how to PM but am interested in a pro. Let me know. Thank you.

Are you guys having any issues keeping the cams connected to wifi? I called the support and they said “it’s probably wifi interference.” Had the same problems with Drop Pro, but at least with Nest Cams is definitely less frequent…so I feel like is more than just an “interference” issue. Any thoughts?

I believe these new cams (and old ones) could use the 2.4 or 5 Gig wireless standard. I haven’t had any drop outs that I know of and all of mine are at the 5.0 GHz standard. I would recommend changing the wifi standard they use to see if that helps.

Thanks Michael, I initially set them up on my 5G network, because I thought it would be less congested, but that resulted in a lot of drop outs. Actually, every morning I would wake up and at least one of the two cams - which I use as baby monitors - would be “offline”. Since I switched to 2.4, it seems like I get a lot less drops, but they still drop out of nowhere. I am blaming FIOS for net interruptions, but you’d think the cams would be able to come back on their own…

Your logic makes sense as 2.4 GHz is more able to go through walls that 5.0 GHz. I would put one of the cameras right next to the router to see if you get even less drop outs…that would confirm your theory about the Wifi. I would also see if there is any logging on your router…or even change your DHCP lease times. All of this assumes your cameras are on a broadcast SSID.

Yup, I see a lot less drops with the cam that’s closer to the router. I started to look at the lease times too, it’s currently set to 24 hours, and that corresponds to morning drops, but because is not a daily occurrence I didn’t extend the lease. Was also thinking to go with static Ip, but didn’t do it yet. What did you mean by broadcast SSID? I recently designated the 3 IPs, as “IP cameras” within the router, but I didn’t think it would make a difference.

Sometimes you can ‘hide’ your SSID, so when a lease expires the device has trouble finding the router again. A static IP might be worth testing, however, since you do have a drop out at the lease expiration. First, however, I would set it to a week and see what happens with the drops…

Just had mine arrive this afternoon. Superb picture quality, but unfortunately – like everyone has pointed out – still no ST recognition. This is going to be a monitor for a child’s room and I am okay using the nest app for now, but I would like to see the ST integration soon. Completely get that they’re competitors, but lopping off entire user bases by limiting functionality would be a foolish thing to do this early on in their acquisition of DC. They may very well wall it off their ecosystem in the future, but getting people to buy the devices first and fall in love with them on any platform would be paramount. At that time they then really grind on developing their software and expanding their device assortment, and later give enticing offers to get users to migrate over all of their user base would be the proper order of operations…I would think.

OR, partner with Samsung in some capacity to make us all happy :smile:

Ask Nest to publish their API. Our hands are tied until that time.

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So, you are telling me that Samsung, who happens to be Google’s biggest OEM for Android and also owns ST, cannot help you guys strike a deal with Google who also owns Nest, but Wink could? Hmmm