Nest Cam: Formerly Dropcam

I agree.

But Steve Jobs once said that he ignores market research. He felt that it was the company’s responsibility to tell customers what features they should want.

That seems to have worked for Apple.

Does that mean you bought an apple watch?


I didn’t… But you’ve definitely picked up on where I was leading:

  • There were many people who held off on purchasing a Smart Watch until Apple Watch was released. Apple Watch is certainly getting a great deal of attention, much more than any Android watch, and Pebble.

  • Drop Cam made the IP camera easy to use, and Nest Cam will significantly influence the market. Just as nobody thought they needed or wanted an intelligent Thermostat or talking Smoke Detector, or iPod and iTunes.

  • I have seen and heard many people are convinced that Apple will “do Smart Home right” and are holding off consideration of other vendors. But… I think Nest is well on the path of establishing themselves as “the Apple of Smart Home”, and Apple is stumbling with their HomeKit strategy. Meanwhile, notice that Nest does not mention Google or Android in their marketing materials, BTW.

  • I’m tempted to think that SmartThings, ironically, may be positioned by the market (not by their marketing!) as “the Android of Smart Home”. In other words, ST’s “very open” is a great feature, but I fear that doesn’t resonate to the same consumers as Apple / Nest.

Of course, it is a big potential market with many niches. Technically, SmartThings preceded Apple & Nest. But technically, Palm Treo & Blackberry preceded Apple & Android. In this analogy, I sure hope SmartThings doesn’t turn out to be “the Palm Treo of Smart Home”.

Does Smart Home require extraordinary company vision to set the trend instead of follow… Well, ST has that, though differently than Apple and Nest.

To avoid going head-to-head, SmartThings could instead try a strategy of extraordinary customer focus, instead of product / platform focus. I dunno.

I was too too restless and couldn’t avoid getting one. Available for pick up in most NJ Best Buy’s today. Will pick it up this evening. 50$ BB gift card from earlier did help.

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Not 100% accurate, but the fear of brand silos is definitely here:

Will hook it up tomorrow morning… :wink:

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At first try doesn’t look like ST Dropcam connect sees it. Cannot add it to ST using connect. Has a much wider coverage.

Will the new nest cam work with ST? It looks just like the drop cam…

Please post at

I removed all dropcams from ST, removed connect app, re-added cameras, dropcams were detected but not nest cam as of now.

Even the Dropcam iOS app will not detect it. The newer Nest app detects both Dropcams as well as Nest cams. The living room is a nest cam. At some point the old app will definitely go away and only the Nest app will stay.

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I got my Nestcam yesterday and still can’t get it to connect. Nest web site says they are down for maintenance till Friday (yesterday said Thursday).

@beckwith I think we need a nestcam connect app just like dropcam.

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Installed new nest cam. Already have two dropcam pro integrated with SmartThings. ST would not detect nest cam. As mentioned by ‘smart’ earlier, the dropcam iOS app also would not detect smart cam. It’s a bummer. Without smartthings integration not sure if I will keep nest cam. Will wait for the next 30 days for integration to be build before returning this.

Don’t return it buddy. The clarity and the view angle is really nice… You can always use the Nest app or some expert will come up with a connect app.

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Use iOS nest app… It will detect dropcams as well as nest cam as well as connects with Rachio or Philips hue if you have other nest products… They are making that the main Nest and works with Nest controller app I guess. Living room is nest cam and the rest are dropcam pro HD.

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Good to hear you are having success. Took me three days to run the “one minute” setup. I was amazed that Nest “e-support” is a three day turnaround. Once I called Nest, they walked me through setup plugging my Nest directly into my PC. I’m also disappointed in the many bugs and reduced features moving from Dropcam to Nest Cam. The higher streaming resolution is nice, but I would rather see an outdoor solution.

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I got my NestCam as soon as it came out and ofcourse after it was all set up (DropCase) I could not add it to Smartthings. I was super bummed because by this point Best Buy’s $180 DropCam Pro deal was depleted. At the end I returned the NestCam and got a Pro on eBay. I must say I think the video quality on the NestCam was unimpressive. I am happy with the Pro, if anyone is looking to add cameras don’t risk getting the NestCam and hope that one day it will work. Just get a Pro while they are out there, you wont be able to tell the difference! [especially in the photos Smartthings takes]

Did you change the default resolution from 720 to 1080 to check the difference? Even though it will hit the bandwidth. I have 2 of each and the quality on the nest can is much better as well as the angle that it covers. But then again my thoughts.


I agree…I just replaced a ‘silver’ DropCam (not Pro) with a Nest Cam and the quality is night and day. While it is a little discouraging that they don’t pair with SmartThings (yet), I have a feeling a whole slew of cameras will suddenly be usable when hub 2.0 comes out…just a feeling.

Speaking of the Pros, I was going to put the ones I have on eBay, but I am willing to sell them up to someone here if they want to take all of them off my hands. I have 4 Pros and one more “regular” silver DropCam. I sold the silver one for $80 recently, but am open to negotiation if someone wants all of these (even if to re-sell them). Let me know via PM.

Yes I did, it was the first thing I did…