Nest / Alexa - 'Not Responding' - Feb 6, 2018

Not really a ST issue but I thought I’d ask in here.

As of this afternoon Alexa is telling me ‘Nest isn’t responding’ when I tell it to set a temp. And if I ask it to tell me the temp of a Nest it has either done the same or told me to disable and re-enable the Nest Skill. I can try the latter of course but before I do I’m wondering if it’s a system-wide issue or just me. I’ve not seen this problem before.

This Is not unusual. With cloud to cloud integrations, sometimes a system change or api change or security control will necessitate reauthentication or updating of the 3rd party authorizations.

In the Alexa world, this process is usually achieved by disable and reenable of the skills.

Thanks, It resolved itself overnight.