Neptune Apex controller

any update or anything more i can do to help?

Hello again,

I’ve been swamped irl and unable to focus on this. I’m really sorry about
that. Maybe if there’s someone else who knows a bit of groovy, they can
pick up this feature request for now.

I’d be happy to review a PR but I don’t have time right now to really get
my head back into the whole ST ecosystem enough to confidently develop a
new feature on hardware I can’t test with in real time.

If you’re up to trying your own hand at it, I suspect this is going to
amount to a lot of copypasta, to be honest.

We can chat in PM further if you’d like.


no problem. I think i got it at least for on off and auto. It all seems to be working. Just had at add a couple of lines

So I’ve gotten back for a second attempt to get this installed. The one question I didn’t ask was which version hub you have? I’m still on v1. I even installed an android emulator on my desktop and still can’t get past the connecting screen. I follow this thread so I know it’s working for everyone else.

That could certainly be it. v2. I got in pretty late in the game :smiley:

Just an fyi for anyone still interested. I have a modified version that includes Amp and pH values (they are simply assigned as temperature capabilities for ease of programming). I am terrible at programming so I am sure it is not the best way to do things. May try to figure out what can be done with the Apex power failure alarms, but that may be well outside my expertise.

Very cool. Feel free to submit a PR in github if you want to make your changes more widely available.

Do you still have this?

Finally got around to upgrading to a version 2 hub and it works great.

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