Negative event notification

I would like to send a text message if an event does not happen. I would like to use a button when my dog is fed and only receive a text if the button is not pushed between certain hours. Any Ideas? Thanks.


Make a Piston that checks state of a global variable and runs every day at a certain time, if the variable is not set then send notification then clear the global variable.

Create a second Piston that sets the variable whenever the button is pushed.

You could modify the smartapp “NotifyMeWhen” by adding a timer for the duration you need.
In the Updated method, you arm the timer and indicate a handler function to trigger upon timer elapse and send the message.
If an event happens to the button, this has to restart the timer for the original duration again.

Hope it helps

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Thanks for the WebCoRE idea. It is to complicated for me to do until I learn the app better. I am having so much fun learning some of what it can do! Thanks again!

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thanks for the idea! I have used the “NotifyMeWhen” to text when the button is pressed that “the dog has been fed” and will look into learning how to modify an app.