[NEEDS UPDATING] Sense Energy Monitor

Anyone have this running using a node server docker container? Looks like my old Nuerio/PWRView is slowly dieing an integration death and is no longer maintained/supported so looking at replacing it.

Is this integration still working for the most part?

I keep meaning to work this into a docker container but just haven’t had the will to spend time on it. I’m still using the integration running on my pi, and it’s still working well. I do have to restart it from time to time if my ST hub reboots. There’s some bug in the code that apparently doesn’t self-heal from certain errors.


Is there a new SmartThings (no-Classic) version of this application ?

Thx, W

It still works with the new app, but the individual device tiles are definitely a little weird. All the logic around notifications will still work, though.

Hi Bryan, thx for your response. I have installed your app/drivers (in ST) and node code on my macOS. All installed appeared to be ok. Now, when everything is up and running, I see a number of strange things:

  1. in ST under DEVICES I only see SENSE MONITOR and no individual devices connected to the monitor. I see some stats related to the monitor itself and under EVENTS I see entries updated every couple mins showing power consumption (aggregate ?). SENSE MONITOR shows OFFLINE.
  2. on my MAC, NODE is up and running and when it starts shows devices being contacted (washer, dryer …etc)
  3. On my Android phone I see Sense Monitor App under ST (new version). When I open this app, I see ALL my devices discovered ! … but no way to access the.
  4. On my phone, under new ST I also see SENSE MONITOR but no individual sensed devices.

Is this what I should expect given “new” ST app ?

Any comments/suggestion are greatly appreciated.


I, too, am interested if I should just use this version or wait until one is developed for the new app. I have no problem buying a Raspberry Pi and building it if that is the answer. I just would rather know before I buy.

This app in its current state is going to be dead in about a month when groovy is discontinued. I have some ideas of how to do this with the Edge driver platform, but I’ve not been able to really prove it out. When I do, I’ll post here.

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Thank you, sir! If anything letting Sense know when things turn on and off would be a good start and then add functions after the core functionality is there.


I’ll definitely be moving this to an edge driver once I have time. Still working through the MyQ version first.

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I don’t know about you all, but it looks ST has closed the local port on my hub that this code has been using (39500). I tried to reboot a few times, but I’m guessing it’s dead. Kind of a bummer - I was hoping for a bit more time. Oh well…

Hoping to find some downtime in the next couple weeks to get the Edge version of this running. It will happen sooner than later.

I have made decent progress on this one and actually have my devices being created and updated in SmartThings. I would not consider it completely stable yet, though.


In a ticket I have open between Sense and TP-Link/Kasa, I did a port-scan against my Sense. They shut down all ports on Sense.

I am wondering if the only way to achieve this is a cloud-to-cloud integration.

I never knew local queries were ever possible to begin with. All I’ve done is queries against the Sense cloud, but my plan here is for a bridge server to send the result back to the hub locally, so I wouldn’t exactly say fully cloud-to-cloud.

Thank you for this! Is my favorite non device integration! Where’s the donate button? :smile:

Any update on this?

Thanks for working on this
I added the edge driver to my hub but to my understanding the server hasn’t been released.
Just setup MyQ and it’s working, nice to have my garage door back on AT

Still been busy with other things. I’ll see if I can at least get something beta-ready within the next week.