[NEEDS UPDATING] Home Automation Dashboard (HAD)

Ok this seem really great. I’m still waiting on my st hub to get here. I will start working on something when I get it. I also ordered one of these http://www.ebay.ca/itm/IRULU-7-8GB-Multi-Color-Tablet-PC-Android-4-2-Dual-Core-Cameras-A23-1-5GHz-/291191920073?pt=US_Tablets&var&hash=item43cc6415c9&_uhb=1 I was thinking of putting one of these in most rooms and maybe get a bigger one as a central hub

You made my day!! Well done cant wait to dig into the details.

Wow, this is impressive. Glad to see other developers working on solutions that build upon the platform nicely. Good work!

Very cool! I built a dashboard to live on a device that lives inside my network that looks like this: http://imbrianj.github.io/switchBoard/

And both polls for new device info every few minutes - but also has the ST API send a local IP command to my system whenever a state or mode changes: https://github.com/imbrianj/oauth_controller/blob/master/oauth_controller.groovy


That is really pretty slick and I, like others, have been looking at ways to accomplish this. I have an HP Touchpad (running Android) laying around that doesn’t get any love anymore that would be perfect for something like this. If not, I’d gladly buy another Nexus 7 to do it.

Please, when you get the chance, post as much as you can stand as far as documentation. This would really help the WAF as well with my whole SmartThings fascination.

Awesome work @florianz.

Love how active and creative this community is. Keep it up.

Join us for the upcoming Developer Hour next Wednesday. We can carve out some time for you to share your project ideas.

@florianz, if you’re willing to share the code and could point me in the right direction, I’d love to see it. I have an old Nexus 7 sitting in a corner that I never touch and would love to get this going.

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Same here, @florianz…I’d love to see the code.

I’ll definitely share my code. I am cleaning it up a bit now so I can make the repo public soon. I’ll be adding documentation and possibly installation instructions after.

Coolest thing I have ever seen!

That would be great! I look forward to seeing it and the install instructions…I’ll try to be patient in the mean time. :slight_smile:

I’m so pumped. I dug out the nexus 7 and updated it, was still on 4.4.2 that’s how long it’s been since I turned it on.

Awesome. Since SmartThings has no iPad app, this is essential for the wife approval :slight_smile:

I’m really interested to know how you handle Server Side Events.

I’m building something very similar.

Since Web Sockets are not available in ST, I thought of some very unnecessarily creative ways of sending events to the front end.

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@625alex, your project looks cool! The Server Sent Events are used for communication between the Dashing backend and the JavaScript browser client. Unfortunately, there is now way (that I know off) that you can create an event stream from within a SmartApp.

Having said that, I would really love to see this be supported by ST. I posted a feature request on the old discussion board a while ago, but that didn’t gain any traction. I don’t think people see the value in it, but it’s probably my fault for not “selling” it the right way. I think it would be the perfect pattern for SmartApps to publish subscribed to events via the API endpoint. It would cut down on polling requests from third party clients, and could maybe help take some load off of the ST cloud.

Architecturally, there exists a two-way communication between the Dashing backend, and the SmartApp endpoint, in my case. The SmartApp posts requests to the Dashing backend, when events occur, and when the client changes the state of a device (e.g. light switch), the communication flows the other way, with the Dashing backend posting a request to the SmartApp endpoint. Does that make sense?

If you are thinking about creating a backend for your own dashboard, here is a great tutorial on how to implement Server Sent Event streams on the backend, and EventSource on the fronted. It’s actually pretty easy!

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Cannot agree more. Many IoT platforms support MQTT, which is a simple pub/sub messaging protocol. It’s becoming a de-facto standard for device clouds.

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Very nice work @florianz! Cant wait to see your code examples so I can implement this with my system!

Okay, you can check out the source code and installation instructions on the GitHub page.

Take a stab at it and let me know if you run into any issues. If you find bugs, make sure to report them through the GitHub issue tracker as things will get lost here on the discussion board.

Also, if you want to contribute by fixing bugs or creating cool widgets, feel free to create pull requests. I’d really appreciate that.

It would bee cool to eventually offer this as a web service that people can subscribe to and create custom dashboards online, without having to run their own installations. I currently don’t have any free time to make that happen, but it’s an idea that may be worth exploring.


Well it looks like I have plans this evening now! thanks!

Wow, excellent documentation as well? Very nice.

Already have it working for my system, just need to customize the template now to my devices.

Now I need more devices :smile:

I hate to be that guy, but you should set up a donate link so I can buy you a beer.