[NEEDS UPDATING] Bulbs, switches and sensors, oh my....what to buy (device class features FAQ)

And a thread discussing the various brands and models of water valve shut off devices:

A thread discussing some options for acoustic sensors:

Several questions recently about a multi button scene controller that will fit in a single gang spot. I think these are going to be even more popular now that smartthings has added the scenes feature. So here’s a discussion thread for those:



The following thread discusses security keypad options, including the iris keypad and the zipato keypad.

The Iris keypad is zigbee, and has multiple features including a beep and an indicator LED which can be set to show you if the ST security features are armed.


The Zipato keypad is available on both the US and UK zwave frequencies. It has fewer features than the iris device, but it does also work with a Keyfob that you just touch to the device, so some people prefer it for that reason.


For more details on either, see the thread linked to above.

Discussion of outdoor-rated smart bulbs. Although most people use a smart switch with dumb bulbs for outdoor lighting, some people are looking for an outdoor bulb to act as a repeater for devices in an outbuilding, or may want color changing or zone capability. :sunglasses::bulb:

2018 thread discussing options for smart blinds:

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Electric Radiator control options for the US:

Are the thermostats for these electric radiators integrated into them? Do you have a link to the product you have?

When A link is provided to a discussion thread about a particular device class, please ask any follow-up questions in that discussion thread. I can’t help you as I don’t have those devices myself. I was just giving the link to the thread where they are discussed.

Smart thermostats for electric radiators

I’m still looking through many forum topics but it’s hard to find this which I’m sure many people have:

I’m looking for a 1 gang size smart wifi multi- light switch that is stable or easy to integrate with SmartThings.
The light switch must be a normal one that uses Line, Load, Neutral (not the battery buttons)
It cannot be ewelink (which I see hundreds in Amazon) because they keep turning off by themselves on electrical noise and their IFTTT service is not very stable (applets fail all the time) so integration with ST is not good because that’s the only way.

Smart Life switches might not be so bad. My smart life plugs work good with IFTTT (much better than ewelink) but not sure if they are reliable since they look identical to the ewelink versions.

2 or 3 buttons/touch panel would be perfect and if it’s possible to bypass using IFTTT and have direct integration with a DTH, that would be the best. Must fit in a 1-gang box and yes I have the neutral.

I have searched over Amazon and only found ewelink and smart life switches like this (requires IFTTT for SmartThings). Anybody have better suggestions?

Also switch can handle variance in the Line and not shut off (turn off line) all the time. Not sure is anybody has this issue but seems to be constant in my place unfortunately.

Sorry, what do you mean by “multi-switch”?

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M1AHC3R/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_oY4QBbJQBR9N7

Have you considered using one of zwave switches that supports tap, double tap, and triple tap? That gives you the equivalent of three “buttons” on one single gang switch and they work quite well with SmartThings.

At least single tap and double tap are supported on switches from a number of manufacturers now, including the newest GE zwave switches, Homeseer, and Inovelli.

Multi-switch I meant having more than one switch (2 or 3 light switches) in one 1-gang switch.

THanks, I think you got the point. I was hoping for three separate buttons (makes it easy for the wife) but if that is all that is available, I can consider that. I do have an Inovelli I haven’t installed yet which has scene buttons.

Point is some of the wiring in my house has multiple loads going out to different lights from one gange socket. I was hoping to replace with a decent stable smart one that can have multilples loads connected to it (besides the usual line (hot) and neutral).

Yes, switches like these below have that but ewelink has been a nightmare for me (IFTTT failures and switches turning off by themselves which sucks if its a bathroom switch) :frowning:

example multi switch in 1-gang box size

I found this product which uses Smart Life instead of ewelink. Not sure if it is reliable but I seem to have better luck with Smart Life plugs than any ewelink switch. Although it’s not direct integration, maybe this is the only thing I can find :frowning:

Multi-Switch that uses Smart Life

What I mean is a switch (wifi, zwave or ZigBee,) that has two or more Load inputs that go to different lights and the switch fits in a one gang in wall box. Easy to integrate to ST. I’m looking to replace the ewelink switches which are terrible in my case.

Hi @ecallegari,

Have you ever seen the Neo CoolCam wall switch? It uses Zwave and they fit in a single gang wall box.

Take a look at this msg

For any questions…

Grtn Ben

Hi @benerkens

Thanks so much! They do have a U.S. size 1 gang switch with two buttons and two loads. That maybe the best one I’ve seen and already has integration with Smartthings.

For those who need the amazon link:
Neo Z-wave light switch

I’ll keep reading about it but I’m happy to see at least one product that meets these requirements. Haven’t seen any other.

A quick word on budget brands in zwave light switches that have come out since this thread was originally started.

In addition to GE, I would definitely look at in Inovelli and Zooz. Both tend to be less expensive than the GE but using newer technology. (And if you are on a really tight budget and you have a lot of three-way switches, some Zooz models can be wired with one master switch and use your existing dumb accessory switches, an additional cost savings.)

Zooz is a house brand for the Smartest House. You can normally get your best price from them, and if you need a dozen or more write to them and see if they can get you a quantity discount.


Inovelli are available through Amazon or through their own site and come in a number of different models.


Both companies have representatives who are active on these forums and you can find a lot of threads about the products. :sunglasses: