Need track lighting touch panel dimmers help advise

Need some assistance with this project. I would like to install some track lighting using about 300-600 watts of ELV dimmable LED fixtures in a family room.

I really like the Aeon Lab AL001 touch panel faceplate and associated micro-dimmer. However, the micro-dimmer cannot handle the load nor ELV dimming.

I have not found a touch panel faceplate/switch to handle the load. I can, however, install the Aeon combination connected to a dummy load in the storeroom of the family room. In the storeroom, I could install the z-wave dimmers for the track lights.

  1. If I use the Aeon touch plate and micro-dimmer to adjust the dummy load, can Smartthings (CoRE, etc) read that dimming level and then send it to the track lights z-wave/zigbeee dimmers.
  2. Does anyone know of a z-wave/zigbee touch panel/dimmer that will handle 600 watts of 120volt ELV dimming? Or even 300 watts of ELV dimming.
  3. I found an insteon DIN rail mounted dimmer, but the hard wired sense line on the insteon only reads an on/off contact closure, not a variable signal (from the Aeon). Plus unsure I’d find a device handler for the insteon.
  4. Most controls can be hidden and placed in the storeroom, even DIN rail mounted.

So…Echo, Alexa, and other Smartthings commands go directly to the z-wave/zigbee track light dimmers. Touching faceplate panel controls dummy load and sends values to Smartthings then value sent to track light dimmers.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

300-600 watts of LEDs?? Are there going to hundreds of them? That just seems like A LOT of watts being pulled from LEDs that usually only draw under 10w each.

You’re correct. The dimmer module is labeled incandescent only, so I moved it and the touch plate switch to a 300watt incandescent fixture.

I’ll use an ELV capable dimmer on the track lights which does, as you indicated, have a lesser wattage.

Thanks for the interest.