Need to create an IFTTT protocol to turn a switch off (fountain) if dryness detected

I have a fountain that recirculates water and doesn’t have an external source (so when the water evaporates the pump runs but isn’t pumping anything). I’d like to create a protocol where when my Aeotec water sensor changes from wet to dry (I have the sensor submerged) that it sends me an alert and turns the fountain off. Unfortunately the sensors are set up primarily for leak detection. I’m not well versed on code so not sure how to fix this. Can someone help?

You can try to change the device handler of the Aeotec water sensor to Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor. Then use the Smart Lighting app to turn of the pump when the water sensor opens.

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Awesome, thanks! That worked. I was able to change the device handler and then set it up in IFTTT.