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Need to add wife's phone for proximity automations


I went to Manage Users and sent her an invite. She accepted, created her account and logged in. I went to an automation that will turn some lights on in the house when she arrives but I can’t add her to the When Someone Arrives" setting.

Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong? Thanks!

(jkp) #2

You will need to set up a presence sensor on her phone…

There is also life360 you can use…

If any issues arise…


Thanks @jkp. The first link worked! Now, where do I adjust the radius of the proximity distance?

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the support pages are a great asset :slight_smile:


Thanks again @jkp. I’m very new to automations and I’m trying to successfully do my first one. What I’d like to automate are two lights in the house. When both my wife and I are home they should be on, when we’re both away they should be off. Proximity seems like a good way to do this except for at bedtime. Even though we’re home, the two lights should turn off either at a specific time or when night mode is set. Struggling to find how to do this in the support pages. Appreciate your help and patience.

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