Need to add iPhone as presence sensor

I’d like to use my iPhone as a presence sensor so I can use it in webcore to turn lights on/off based on presence. How do I add it to the new app etc? Thanks!

Click on Menu, open settings (the cog) and enable get your location for this phone. Hen add it as an available device in your webcore instance in the ST app so you can use it in pistons.

I’ve done that but I don’t have a device for it in IDE. Without that, I don’t believe I can use webcore to create the piston.

It should be listed as iPhone in IDE with Placeholder as the device type

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Ah, so it doesn’t actually use the name I have defined for my iPhone! How do I also add my wife’s?

Same method I would assume it adds a number for additional iphones

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Thanks @jkp! I added hers and it used the name assigned on her iPhone.

UPDATE: This works when my wife comes home, but not me. As far as I can tell, we’re set up the same way.

@jkp I completely removed my iPhone device and added it back and it still isn’t used as a proximity sensor. Any ideas? Thanks!

The only advice I can offer but I do not know if it will resolve your issue or not…

Thanks… I haven’t tried removing and reinstalling the ST app on my iPhone. I think I’ll try that before I reset the network settings. I really appreciate the response!