Need Step-by-Step Instructions for Non-Developer to Integrate Somfy ZRTSI (Model 1811265) with Smart Things

I am not a developer. I am hoping there is a way I can integrate Somfy with Smart Things without having to learn GitHub and all the stuff developers know like the back of their hand. I have found several threads, like this one, but I don’t completely understand what to do.

Any help would be appreciated.

A good place to start

The thread you reference is generally correct

For step 1
The zrts controller built in to smart things works well - so nothing to install in ide for this step

For step 2
I suggest the latest dth for the shades is created in the ide

Then follow the instructions for step 3

  1. Plug in the zWave RTSII Module into an outlet and follow the instructions to program your zWave Controller and blinds to your Smartthings controller (Manual121). For the channels (Virtual Node), in the ST app, you do Connect New Device, and then on the zWave RTS Controller, you add your virtual nodes. I had 5 virtual nodes, 4 blinds plus the "All Blinds: channel, They correspond to how my Telis remote is programmed.

The somfy support folks are good at helping setup of the zrts controller and virtual devices so if you still have trouble after following this give them a call


Thank you very much!!!

The original DTH link is broken. Is there a newer version?