Need some help: monitoring a post-transplant patient during convalescence?

Hoping for some input. My friend at work husband had a kidney transplant. She back at work after a grw.mon the hs & she asked me what can she do to monitor him since she’s now at work & he is home by himself. I showed her the wyze camera & was thinking maybe she can use Alexa. Any help is.appreciated.

It depends on how long the recovery period will be and how quickly she wanted to implement it. And also if she needs something that she can use from an app while she is at work rather than from another device. And finally, does she want to be able to monitor him if he is asleep or incapacitated, or does she only want to be able to do the equivalent of video calls.

The echo and a wyze camera sounds like a good start for some purposes, but it just depends on exactly what the details are.

@raeven ‘s family has had to set up monitoring for her, and she might have some specific ideas.

Amazon has a new product coming out next month, the echo show five, which will only cost $89 and has the camera built into it. So if he’s going to need monitoring for a long time, that might be worth getting once it comes out. Which would make the very inexpensive wyze with a dot a good choice for now.

Echo Show 5 on preorder

One of the questions that all of us who are adults who need to be monitored medically have to consider for ourselves is how much privacy we need. Do we want a system that only activates when we give it permission to? Or do we want 24/7 monitoring? There’s no one right answer, but it is one of the questions to ask.

The monitoring is for awhile. I think she wants a way for.him her if something happens or a way she can peek in on him
He had a liver transplant & it some time before he is completely better.

If they don’t have a smart thing set up that kind of gives you a different way of having to look at it I guess. I would at the very least set them up with a hub a couple of smart plugs so that he can control some lamps a firetv and an echo Not to mention the camera and yes the Wyze Cam is fine.

One thing I haven’t seen anyone mention is this poor man is going to be bored out of his skull. Give him something he can interact with and keep his mind going and off of the healing as it were. For what it’s worth if you want someone to talk to about this PM me we have had some experience with this in our own household.

If they can afford it, I would highly recommend also getting an Apple Watch 4, which has both a heart rate monitor and a fall monitor. It can even be worn in the shower, and it lets you immediately call or text someone if help is needed.

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And I misread the O p’s post I thought they said kidney transplant. We have a family member that’s been through kidney and pancreas transplant and while they are doing well they are never going to be 100% again.

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You’re right, I’m wrong again, Dang, I’m too tired to be trusted to post anything today. Carry-on. :sleeping: