Need some help changing backgrounds in the New App for iPhone

I was able to change the background from the “potted plant” to black. This makes everything MUCH easier to read. (The text is still awfully small). Anyway, I use the new SmartThings app on 2 iPhones. This worked perfectly on both iPhones. Strangely, they are behaving differently regarding other background colors. When I Tap on the 3 dots (ellipsis) in the upper right of the screen, I can edit rooms. The problem is, on one iPhone the background is a dark gray with white text, this I can read. On the other iPhone when I’m in the edit menu the background is a very light gray with white text and is almost impossible to read. This is what I am trying to fix. Both phones are iPhone 8 with latest version of iOS and SmartThings app.

Are the iPhone > settings > display and brightness the same for both phones?

I did get it fixed and I thought I would post the answer so I can possibly help someone else.
I started comparing settings on the 2 iPhones. It was somewhere in the “Accessibility" settings in the iPhone. I believe it may have been the “Display & Text Size” settings. I compared these and made a couple of changes so the 2 iPhones would match. This solved the problem. I’m sorry I cannot provide the precise solution. I tried several things simultaneously.