Need some guidance and help on how to accomplish a complex automation (Ring and Harmony)

Obviously i have a SmartThings hub a Harmony hub and a Ring door bell all configured and linked to ST.

  1. I need to accomplish this ----> If the Ring doorbell rings ----> have SmartThings tell Harmony hub to switch TV to RGB input ----> than after a minute have Harmony switch the TV back to the last input through Recall

How do i do the above?? Any help will be appreciated i am a fast learner and follow directions well.

Thank you in advance

Using the ring activity as the IF is simple, And as long as you set up a Harmony activity to switch to the input that you want, that step is simple as well. The tricky part is going to be the reversion, I’m just not sure if that’s possible. And is going to be even trickier if someone turned on the television through a method other than Harmony, such as using original television remote.

What brand and model of television are you using?

I posted my WebCore Piston that does something similar in a reply to this thread:

In my case it pauses the TV, but it should be adaptable


Yes i think the only way to do it through webCoRE … it will be my first piston.
i wonder how fast is webCoRE… is the response pretty good??

Most of the latency will be from the Ring. WebCore is pretty fast.

You could do it through webcore for sure. You’d could save “currentactivity” status of your hub as a variable, activate your ring activity, then using a series of if statements to compare your saved currentactivity variable, to restore your tv.

I tried to whip up a piston to give you an example, but webcore seems to not be working to activate activities for me. Might need to reconnect my hubs to smartthings or something. I’ll finish the piston and provide a screen still though.

I don’t have a Ring (got a Nest Hello preordered though) so I used a contact sensor to mock this up. You’ll need to add an if statement for each possible activity like I did for the 2 in this example.

Thank you for your example i am going to start working on it and bother you again when i get stuck
greatly appreciated

Ok so i am trying to do this and i am having a hard time already :slight_smile:
Lets try to knock out of the way the first part … if Ring button (Front Door) gets pushed ----> than with Harmony Hub do ----> Display Camera activity. (Does it need to have any more components than that in the logic??) Also in my ST app i see Display Camera activity under Harmony Hub and if i press it (from the ST app) the TV changes to the camera feed however under the Harmony Hub on webCore nothing shows up so i can not select Display Camera for the DO part and in order to end the “than” statement…btw i have added the whole list of devices that i got to webCore?
Here is a screen shot

What am i doing wrong??

Your Do is blank.

Here’s how you do this.

Part 1.

Setup Harmony and ST for instant updates:

In your Harmony App, you want to enable the Home Control switches that show up in ST. You do this in the Home Control section of the Harmony App under setup. The switches you want to authorize are the same Activities that you have in Harmony.

To be clear, each Activity shows up in ST as a Switch right? However, you also need the Switches(Harmony Activities) to show back up in the Harmony App.

After you have this then in each Activity you want to also control Home Control devices. When your Activity starts, at the end of that Activity, you want to turn on the corresponding ST switch. Do the same for turning the Activity off.

The above will give you instant updates in ST and also allow webCoRE to function as needed for Part B:

Part B:

In webCoRE, you want to:

Define some variables

  1. Define you devices. (Harmony Activities)-name it whatever you like but we are going to use “devices” for demonstration purposes.
    Select All of your Harmony Activities besides the one that brings up the Doorbell

  2. Define a dynamic “Last On Variable”-again you can name it whatever but let’s call it “laston”

If Ring Button gets pushed
Any of variable “devices” are on
Save Matching List to “laston”
Using Harmony Activity (ring on screen)
Turn On
Wait 1 minute
Using “laston”
Turn On

If Ring Button gets pushed
All of variable “devices” are off
Using Harmony Activity (ring on screen)
Turn On
Wait 1 minute
Turn Off

Haven’t tested it but in theory, this should work.