Need SmartApp for New Safe Product

I just designed a specialized wall Safe that will go on market in two months. I have tested the SmartThings multisensor in it and it works. Currently I am using the safe watch smartapp by Brian to have it notify me by text of shock sensor and safe opening events, but would also like for my users to have the ability to open an app at a glance and see Safe status in an efficient way – open/closed, temp, shock sensor activated, internet connectivity failure and battery level. Something like this from the elertus wifi sensor (which was discontinued, btw):

I have reached out to Brian, but haven’t heard back yet. Anyone have any ideas? Is it possible with smart apps to see a display like this? Can someone write this for me? Thanks very much. Rob

Some of this (maybe even most?) could be done with a simple dashboard Panel in ActionTiles.

We aren’t a “native App”, but it would be a single click on a home screen pinned web page of the Panel direct URL…

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Thanks. Let me play with action tiles and then I’ll know for sure. I will separately reach you through the action tiles website to take this conversation offline.

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@Brooklynrab ActionTiles rock! As a SmartThings user I don’t need lots of smartapps on my phone. I want one that accesses all my SmartThings info. Here is an example of some of the customization you can do in your case. (These screen shots were using iPhone Safari) I made the tiles larger, and changed colors from the default settings on the left picture.

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