NEED reboot capability within ST app

There are quite a few posts discussing the topic of reboots. Some have somewhat easy solutions if you are nearby but if you need to do it remote, the ST IDE on the internet is the only available solution (short of brute force switches and the like). Try using this webpage on a typical smartphone… It’s pretty clear from the conversations that rebooting is needed to be performed pretty frequently in some cases. Enough so that the ST app SHOULD have the capability itself! In my experience, many of the current issues seem to be with multiple cloud communications not always playing nice with each other. So, does ST Engineering or Support watch these forums?

I use either the IDE and the other option I have is my hub is connected to a wifi controllable outlet plug – this is for a second home many time zones away. Fyi zooz plugs have firmware that you can configure to automatically restart after xx time period , so that could be an option to power cycle/reboot.

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Not officially, this forum was set up for customers to help other customers.

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