Need "Laundry Done" light with manual shutoff

Using the “string trick,” I’ve finally got my washing machine to reliably inform me when the washing cycle is complete. I know the built-in app has the ability to flash a light to inform that the load is complete, but that’s useless if nobody happens to be in the room with the flashing light.

What would be better is something like a FortrezZ indoor siren/strobe with two modifications: 1) no siren, and 2) the ability to manually turn off the warning light without the need to access smart things directly.

One thought I had was a Belkin WeMo attached to a night light that I can stick in the hallway. Then, if my wife or one of the kids takes the laundry out of the washing machine, they can just press the button on the switch that turns off the light.

Just wondering if there’s a better approach that anyone has found to meet this same need. Thanks!

If it were me I guess I’d look at doing a SmartApp that when it senses a short burst of vibration from the sensor on the washing machine or dryer AND the light it on, then it turns it off. This way when you go to unload the washer or dryer, you can just wiggle the sensor a bit (it might even be enough just unloading to trip it) and turn off the indicator light.

As for the indicator your looking for, I think this might fit the bill exactly:

However, it is an expensive solution and won’t be available until December (at the earliest!).