Need Ideas for Home Health

Hey guys, I’ve had SmartThings for about two months not and I’ve taken some huge leaps with my home automation. I’ve just discovered SmartTiles and I’m currently working on wall mounting two Ipad Mini’s in the house for a central hub in two of the common rooms. What I need help with is a way to track my house’s energy usage, and water usage so I can display this information on the SmartTiles.

Shane Schwarzman

SmartTiles currently has capability to display Power for devices that have capability.powermeter Eg: SmartThings Outlet can measure power and report it. If you want to track the power usage of your entire home then you can use Aeon Labs Aeotec Z-Wave Home Energy Meter. But you may only be able to see the instant energy usage on SmartTiles at the moment. I guess you want to see the energy usage per day or per unit time… These things can be built easily, and there are some smart apps within the community that can help you. But on the SmartTiles platform currently you can only see instantaneous power usage.

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