Need help with Sonos integration

Hi there. I’ve been trying to have a trigger happen where when I walk in the house, the sonos will say Welcome Home.
I’ve set it up that way but it’s never worked. When I test it, it works, but in practice, when I walk in the door, I never hear it say anything.

Can anyone give a step-by-step set of instructions? Thanks in advance.

is the only trigger presence? If so, it may be firing before you walk in the door. Can you see the sonos being fired in the activity log?

Good to know to check these things. It says "parse.error. in java.lang.NullPointerExce…

Now, I have this other issue where the Sonos keeps repeating the phrase I set over and over… Trying to fix…

Hello, just set this up for the first time and I am getting that problem, the notification phrase is just repeated over and over.

Did you ever fix this?