Need help with Rule for Garage Door still OPEN after 11pm

I tried both IFTTT and the Smart Home Monitor in the app and I still cant get a simple text message if at 11pm the Multi Sensor on the garage door indicates its OPEN.
In the SHM options, I chose Open/Close Sensor,
Select Open/Close Sensors > Garage Door #1
What do you want to monitor? > Sensor Open
-More Options
Only during a certain time > 11pm - 4am EDT

It seems I can only create an action if something is “triggered”. I’m looking to create an action based on the status/state of a sensor.
Any help would be appreciated…this is driving me nuts 'cause I know where has to be a recipe for this common problem.

CoRE would be your best bet. It’s a bit overkill in this situation but it will do exactly what you’re looking for (and much, much more).

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Do you specifically need a text message or will a push notification do?

I have this installed and works fine:

CoRE will of course also solve the issue.

You guys rock!..I’ll tinker with both of these options, thanks!! …and yes, all I need is a push notification.