Need help with IR Bridge + LCD Device Type

Hi All,

I’m trying to extend Danny’s IR Bridge Tutorial with a LCD to display Light Change State. So if I pass a IR signal that the SmartApp then reads and triggers a light to turn off/on, I want a message (or command) to be sent to the LCD (on the same thingshield) to then display the new status of that light.

For some reason I can’t get the Device Type to send the on and off message to be received by the thingshield. When I comment out a portion of the Arduino code with my modified IR bridge code, I can display the text on the lcd; however the commented out portion breaks the IR bridge. I used the thingshield on/off to test that the Arduino is working working correctly.
Arduino Code:

I can not properly configure my modified device type code to send a on off message. I even tried the simulator and it doesn’t send to my Arduino; however when I use the on/off example device type it works. I can’t catch the difference or don’t know whether there’s a conflict with the IR bridge device type.
Device Type Code:

Thanks for your help.

Project Page: