Need Help with controlling CNCT intelliPLUGs/KanKun Wifi Plugs

I should preface this post by saying that I only have a little programming knowledge, but have been trying to figure out how to control these plugs for a while now.

My goal is to integrate these with other smart home platforms, such as Home Assistant. This would allow me to bypass the suboptimal CNCT-Alexa and CNCT-Google integration and control your plugs directly.
I’ve been doing a fair bit of research into these plugs. As others have figured out, this is likely a "Chinese company going into business with a US front company"
However, looking online, there are a lot of plugs that look very similar to these intelliPLUGs. When connecting to the plug for the first time, the wifi name is 0K_SP3. In fact, this is the same name used by KanKun Wifi plugs. The older KanKun Wifi plugs had an open port for SSH and people found out the password for it and were able to load their own code onto them. Unfortunately, these intelliPLUGS do not have any open ports (as far as I can tell).
Reading further, I found a group that was actually able to control the KanKun Wifi plug by determining the encryption code it uses to send UDP commands to control its on and off state. From this encryption code they were able to reverse engineer the method to control the plug and could send their own on and off commands to the plug over UDP.

I was able to find a user who published python code to control these switches:

I decided to test this code to see if it would work with the intelliPLUGS. I am able to run it and successfully send a receive a heartbeat - this leads me to believe that the intelliPLUGS use the same UDP process, with the same port, and same encryption code as the KanKun plugs. However, when sending the on and off (open and close) commands to the intelliPLUGs, they do not switch. I’ve been looking through the CNCT app .apk to see if I can figure out if they use a different on and off command than the KanKun plugs, but I haven’t been able to find anything. Hopefully someone here who knows more about programming and could help me out as I think this (hopefully) is a good start and could be easily fixed/implemented.

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Would be interested in this as well. I know there is a CNCT applet in IFTTT. You can connect to it by putting in your info from the CNCT app. However, my plugs are not available in IFTTT when doing so. If the company would resolve this, then you could create a virtual switch and make it the IF trigger in IFTTT and problem solved.

Sadly, the folks at CNCT have just announced that they’re discontinuing IFTTT support. Which is bothersome to me, since the only reason I bought their Intelliplugs was because of IFTTT support.

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That sucks!!! The plugs have worked great for me, and using ST and IFTTT to control them added so much configurabilty.

Found today that IFTTTT deleted the applet without notice :(!

Any luck on your qwest to integrate? With IFTTT dead, integration via ST is gone.

I too would like to know.

Found this code on github which isn’t too old but still doesn’t work.

Maybe someone would be able to figure it out.