Need help with a new project (Automating the digital picture frame)

Hey automater

I’m currently looking to see if I can find a solution to a new project I want to accomplish. The idea is to have one or two digital picture frames (still in the air on which one) and have the photos change (album based) on who’s currently at my house. My wife and I use precense sensors to detect when we arrive, and as for friends and family we use two Netatmo Welcome camera’s that detect facial recognition tied into IFTTT that triggers a switch on when they are there. After an hour of not being detected the switch turns off.

My idea is to have the Welcome trigger a switch that could change the album on the digital picture frame to pictures of the guests and I. This would add a more personal touch to their visit each time and add a cool wow factor to our home automation.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could go about accomplishing this, be it a tablet with a special app or a certain digital picture frame that ties into facebook?



@KingStrava can’t say I can be much help with options but I love the idea of this! Hope it gets some traction.

You can do it with a tablet or digital picture frame that runs Android. Using Tasker plus an app I developed, SharpTools, you can react to events and conditions in SmartThings on the tablet. And since you are already using the Netatmo Welcome with IFTTT, you could use that for your guests.

From my perspective, I think the SmartThings / IFTTT integration would be the easy part – the harder part is determining where to get the stream of photos of your friends!

I like the idea of this as well and subscribed to this thread. I have organized all of my photos using Google’s Picasa application which tags photos using facial recognition and it would be neat to play photos based on who is the home (i.e. when grandma visits, play photos she is tagged in). Have you ever heard of this software? It is very free and very feature-based.

I do not have much to contribute currently to this thread, but I must say I am intrigued by this idea. I have access to a couple older tablets which would work perfectly for this. Also if you do not have facial recognition, you may be able to use the DDWRT wifi presence sensor if you could acquire your friend’s and family’s mac addresses when they connect to your wifi.

I’m going to give this an try and see what I can come up with.

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any updates on this? this is a really cool idea!

I agree with the others this is a really cool idea. I just finished collating all our pictures together and starting the organization process.

Any progress on this project? Would be a really cool endgame to all this organization work :wink:

Any progress yet?? I am very curious