Need help troubleshooting!

Ok, I am lost with this one. It seems like devices work, the app works but my lights won’t come on. Any idea where to look?

What SmartApp are you using to trigger lights on motion?

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The same SmartApp I am using for the upstairs lights, and that one works fine. It’s another instance of the setLevel bug. Arghh. Had to run away from Smart Lighting because of the same issue, now I run into it again.

What if I didn’t have time to catch support on chat???

Me: and I have an instance of the same app, upstairs and that continues to work fine
support: I’m not sure, Mode Lighting is a custom SmartApp so I’m not really familiar with it
Me: ok, let me switch to Smart Lighting then…and see if that works
Me: it won’t work, I am wasting my time and yours…It’s the same incident I had for the past 3 weeks, just different devices…
Me: it’s because of the setLevel bug whatever that is
support: hmm, setlevel should have been addressed by the appengine update
Me: when was that?
support: should have been today, this morning
Me: I’ve recreated Smart Lighting instance …it’s called Motion Hallway Dimmer 1 …going now to test it
Me: Man!..yup…it’s fixed!
Me: thank you
support: well that’'s good!

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Then you would have had to rely on the detailed release notes… Oh wait. :confounded:


I want his job! I always love a challenging job that requires a ton of effort on my part…