NEED HELP! Thousand of duplicated locations and can't link Google Assistant

So, I have my SmartThings hub set up and it is actually working really great with my Honeywell Zwave dimmers and my August WiFi lock. Really no complaints there!

However - in the IDE, something crazy is happening. If you go into “My Location” I have 25 pages of “My home” and there is 500 per page. Yes, I have 12,500 “My home” locations on my IDE. In the new app (the only one I use) I only have my actual location, which is simply called “Home” as an option to select. Not really a big deal, but I think it is causing things to run slow and causing integration problems.

Google Assistant successfully pairs with my Samsung Account when I go to add Google Assistant, but then immediately says, “Something went wrong. Please try again.” If I go to it shows that it is linked with SmartThings, and within’ the SmartThings app it says that it is connected to Google Assistant. However, none of the devices show up in the Google Home app and I suspect it is because of the extra 12,499 locations that are somehow automatically created. I am able to delete them one by one, and so can the developers, but if you do the math and assume that you can successfully delete 10 a minute you are still looking at 20 some hours, and I think it keeps making new ones anyways.

Not really sure what I am looking for here, but I wanted to share the issue in case someone else is having it. I am also posting a picture that shows the locations and the number of pages. Each of the locations is empty and have no devices paired to it.

So weird. SmartThings says they have their developers working on it and they have been really great trying to figure it out and they say that it is an issue that is known, but haven’t seen one with this many before, so I guess I feel a LITTLE bit special. I even suggested just creating a new account and adding everything back but they said it may just do it again anyways.