Need help selecting new router

I recently purchased a ring door bell pro & an having some connection issues. Since I have a ton of gadgets and am using an old router, I’m thinking its time to invest in a new router. My home is under 1500 sq and this will be located in my living room. I have an extender wired on the other side of my house so connection issues on that side are good. Oh, the router i’m using is a Verizon quantum. So can any of you guys hep me select one? Back in the old days it was easy but there are way to many choices to choose from today. I am hoping to keep the price under $200.
Thank you

My current set up is an Asus ac-3200 with an asus ac3100 as access point. But my home is a little bit larger. The asus 3200 should cover your home without extenders. I have bridged my Quantum and turned off the wifi. I only use it for the STB to get the guide and on demand. I have no other devices connected to it. Best investment I ever made. You should try it.

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Ubiquiti Unifi. For Firewall, switch and 1 wireless AP it will be about $300, but it will give your 1000% over any residential router.


This. I have one for me and putting a second one for the airBNB, SSSSSSUPPERRR Fast

What’s the actual model #? There are so many model variations, better yet, do you have an Amazon link?

Much appreciated.

No model # Ubiquiti is brand Unifi is the model.
This is what I started with, then realized I should have gone with a much bigger switch.

Then I found a 4 pack of older UAP-LR aps on Fleabay for $100 and put them throughout the house. With 2 dozen cameras streaming only 1 AP was still a bottle neck and with 5 APs everything has balanced out with 20-30 devices per AP

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Thanks for the links. So it looks like I can start with the Access Point (UAP-AC-PRO-US), then add additional AP and switches as needed? I already have a couple of gigabit switches (other brands) in use, does it matter if I keep those in place?

If you only want WiFi you could get away with just the gateway and AP. I have 6 or 8 other switches ( I loose track ) daisy chained into the Unifi switch.
I may be wrong & others in here are much more knowledgeable about it than I . I do believe that it’s best to have 1 10 GBS Unifi switch connected first to the gateway and then feed all your other switches & APs off that one. The gateway only has 1 LAN port

I love my 4 year old Asus RT-AC66R, I plan to replace it with a newer Asus model when/if it dies. I like that most Asus routers support dual WAN’s for load balancing or fallback.

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I did not know how bad my FIOS ISP was, untill I’ve got the Asus 3200 and plugged a hotspot as secondary WAN backup. My internet goes down every other night. My Asus switches automatically to cellular to ensure I have continuous juice to record my raccoons vandalizing my trashcan…


conveniently Newegg is having a sale

Great! Thank for the tip, I’ll go check it out.

You can run the Unifi AP’s without any Unifi equipment. I personally have a PFsense box and a Cisco managed switch that I use with my UniFi AC-PRO. The controller software is really only needed to setup the AP, but it is good to have it running somewhere for configuration changes and firmware upgrade.

I have been very happy with the range and performance of the UniFI AP though, highly recommend it.

Does anyone have an opinion on the samsung connect hub?

Wow, I just read up on the connect and it seems to have limited function in comparison to a regular router. Cant even split the 2.5/5 ghz signals.

You won’t find the same functionality/control that UniFi has in most consumer routers.