Need help please with my Camper project

Hey I’m installing ST on my Camper, Thermostat is done by honeywell, now I’m working to get the sliders done, I’m using Mimo2+ and I will add Relays, I was able to Edit the codes and change the look of the Display, but now I want change from Switch to Momentary, I want Hold and only stop when I release my finger on the APP, this is using the this repository, I have to create 3 codes to show up the 2 relays.


there is 2 device handlers, I made change on FortrezZ MIMO2 but there is also a second part called FortrezZ MIMO2 B+ Side, I am a newbie

Thank you

I’m currently building out a true SmartRV myself. My goal is to build the smartest RV that I can afford.

I chose Hubitat because it works without internet and also has a built in dashboard.

I’ve also partnered with Lippert on part of this endeavor who has generously sent me their OneControl system with 7” touch screen, single zone HVAC module, and their mobile hotspot. I’ve also added automatic leveling and a lighting control module to interface with the 12v lighting.

Have a look at My project when you can. I don’t know where you camp but I do advise against installing a residential smart thermostat due to their dependence on the internet.

Good luck!

Hey Steve Thanks for Sharing, You project looks very Cool, I Always want use either Lippert or Incommand by Asa, They don’t sell Screen and the boards to upgrade older RV, they supply parts if you have a RV that comes with it, I could not find Lippert for sale but I was able to find the board and screen on ebay brand new, but the seller could not inform it I would be able to use on my 2015 camper assuming I was gonna do all the wiring, How did you buy new screen and the board for your camper from Lippert? how they charge you? I think ST Hub will work if I loose connection, I Always Have internet where I camping from AT&T, I installed a Router with 4G service and last year worked pretty good, I camp on the east coast, PA, NY, NJ,CT.

I would to with Lippert if I can get a good deal on their devices.

Thank You