Need help implementing several use cases

Hello everyone,

Let me start by saying I do not currently have a SmartThings hub. I have a DSC Power Series Neo HS2064 with an HSM2HOST9 Wireless Module, CD8080VZ Cell phone communicator, and an HS2TCHP Keypad. I have every door and window to my house using wireless contacts that are tied into the alarm panel (Not zwave contacts). Everything is tied in to an alarm com account, which is how I control all of my current zwave devices. The reason for coming here is that I have come across these forums many times while doing research on different zwave devices and setups. That being said, I am not totally opposed to purchasing a smartthings hub if that will address what I am after.

Currently I have My garage door, and every light and ceiling fan utilizing zwave switches, my door locks are schlage camelot connect zwave locks and I have 2 alarm com thermostats controlling the 2 HVAC systems in my house, as well as an aeotec energy meter (Not yet hooked up though). In addition, I have a Q-see 16 camera NVR setup, that is not tied in any way to the alarm system. What I would like to accomplish is the following:

  1. I have an automatic gate with a keypad on my property, much like many apartment complexes use. It has a call button, as well as a microphone and speaker so I can talk to whoever is at the door. The call button currently does not work, so I am going to be replacing it. I would like it to ring a doorbell inside my home and also send a notification to both my and my wife’s phones. At which point, I can access my cameras to see who is there and communicate with them through either the phone or the wall panel in my house, and open my gate if needed. I have looked into a ring doorbell system, but I would prefer to mount my hardware inside the keypad box if possible.

  2. Using alarm com, I can setup triggers, but not from a zwave device. What I would like to do is install humidity sensors in my bathroom and if the humidity level exceeds a specified amount, have it turn on the bathroom fan (controlled by a zwave switch).

  3. I want to set other zwave triggers as well. Such as a motion detector in the front that when triggered, will ring my doorbell and send a notification to both phones.

I have other ideas I would like to implement as well, but I believe once I find the hardware to accomplish these tasks, I will have all the information I need to do everything I want.

As I said before, I am not opposed to purchasing a smartthings hub and going that route, or some other route if needed, but I would like to keep everything as central as possible.

Thanks for any insight you may have.

  1. Ring integrates with smartthings, it will send phone notices w/o any integration. With smartthings integration you can trigger events on motion and button push. Ie turn on patio lights on motion, flash kitchen lights on button push. Ring typically works over WiFi so if you have a strong WiFi signal at the gate this should work great, if not the elite version does poe and Ethernet.
  2. Super easy to do with smartthings use core or webcore
  3. Super easy to do with smartthings, ringing your doorbell might be a bit tricky but you can send phone notices, text to speech with dlna and Alexa speakers, flash lights turn on a zwave alarm.

So yes you can do what you want with smartthings and ring