Need help debugging: Non ST Motion sensor stops working after a couple of days

Hi all!

Hope someone can enlighten me with this mystery!

I’ve got a motion sensor from everspring that I’ve customised with a 5V power supply so I don’t need to keep changing batteries.

So in theory it shouldn’t turn off… right?

Wrong! It lasts not even a few days (2 max, I believe) and then it just stops working… I have to unplug it, open the battery compartment and plug it back in… then it goes back to work… for another day or two!

Is there anywhere I can keep a track of what it does? I’ve got the graph interface and the ST app…

Thanks guys!!!

What happens if you remove your customization and go back to battery power? I’m wondering if the wall wart you have is bad a regulating power or something and is messing with the device…

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Hey Tim!

If I remove the plug and revert to batteries, they last the same amount of time… and the cycle restarts…

No other device has this issue? Do you have multiple ecolink devices? If so, do the others work and this one doesn’t?

as far as motion sensors go, I’ve got a smartthings one and this one… all other devices work as advertised… (except the smartthings presence tags… they last a month or 2, instead of the year advertised…)

Hmmmmmm could be a couple things. I’m leaning towards the device being defective though.

Can you get the device replaced?

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After I’ve modified it? even though it was a minor mod… electrical poles soldered to a 5V adapter… lol! I’ll have to wait till ST arrives at European shores… The ST motion sensor works flawlessly AND has a USB connection to the mains…

Yeah, each scenario I see it seems like a device issue. Rebuilt your zwave network?

Try un-including the device and re-including it?

Will do right now! (Just finished dinner here in Spain) will report back in a few minutes…