Need help creating lock automations

Hi there.
After some help with Conexis L1 from Yale and Rboys.
I have no clue about using Core to do what I want?!
Basically I am looking to set the lock to unlock using geofencing/presence and stay unlocked for 3 minutes (park car etc)
Can anyone help me please in very simple terms I can understand?
Really appreciate if you can!

Rboy apps have their own support for their smartapps and device type handlers. So if you are using those, you should start by contacting them:



Not sure if you mean CoRE or webCoRE. At this point, I would highly suggest avoiding CoRE as it is no longer being maintained except for patches. Use webCoRE. It is the newer version and much easier to use.

Also, there is a forum dedicated to webCoRE where you can search through lots of example pistons and post any questions you have. There are some users who love to assist with building pistons.


Hi there. You can see this post for some tips on how to use WebCoRE and CoRE with the custom device handler.

For what you’re trying to do, I think you should be able to do with the Automation rules of the new ST app without having to resort to WebCoRE.
WebCoRE comes in handy when you’re trying to access special lock features like auto lock, privacy modes, user codes etc.


thank you mate

nice one thanks

I will give it a go thank you

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