Need dimmer, not sure which one

Here’s the google album of my switches:

I have 10 halo led recessed lights working off of 3 paddle decorative switches. Two are wired as I would expect, and the third appears to be a 4-way switch. Unfortunately, I’ve only ever changed out a standard one-way switch before, and I’m not sure which products I’d need to get all three swapped out with something compatible with SmartThings and dimmable. I’d like to be able to dim from each paddle decorative switch, as well as from the app (and thereby, Alexa).
Does anyone have any recommendations?
Thank you!

get a GE dimmer and three addon switches. Lowes sells them.

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Sorry, which GE dimmer? I only have three total switches… so one needs to be the dimmer, and two the addons? They all appear to be 3-way dimmers, do I need a 3-way, or a 4-way though?
One of the currently installed switches simply has a red wire and black wire ‘IN’ and a red wire and a black wire ‘OUT’ - the whites and ground wires are wire-nutted in the box.

Are these appropriate?
One of these:

and two of these:

Thank you!!

this one

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Usually Lowes is cheaper… but this time it looks like Amazon is a couple of $ less:

They should fit with the wiring you describe.

It does not matter if you install a 3-, 4-, 5-, way dimmer. These will be the right ones. You will need 1 master that connects to multiple slave switches. Only the master is connected to line and load and the slaves are “signal” switches only connected to the master via traveler&neutral and tell the master to dim.


Option 2 is in case you want the little blue LED in a specific place to better find the switch at night.