Need confirmation Re: Remotec ZFM-80 operation

I’ve done a fair amount of reading on fireplace automation, and am fairly confident in the methods, just one question.

I currently have a standard single in-wall switch with 3w hot/neutral to it that acts a remote switch for the controller under my fireplace to turn it on/off. I have a standard 120Vac outlet under the fireplace which the fireplace controller is plugged into.

I was going to go with the Remotec ZFM-80 route to automate the fireplace. My plan was to draw 120Vac power (using an old power cord) from the outlet to power the relay, then cut the wires going from the controller to the existing wall switch, attach controller to the relay load side of the relay, then attached my existing wall switch to the external switch side of the relay.

My questions is if I choose to turn the fireplace on with the wall switch, will flipping this switch also trigger the relay to therefore close the circuit and turn the fireplace on? Or will the relay stay open even when the wall switch is turned on, until I trigger the relay using whatever wireless command I have set up…?


Flipping the external wall switch will trigger the relay.

Here is the manual as a reference:

If you use this DTH you can actually configure the external switch per the manual.