Need Commercial Installer in Minneapolis, Anyone know of anyone available?

I need someone / company to help with a move to a new location where we are taking over existing systems. Would love to figure out how to tie in SmartThings, but this might be a bit off topic…

There is an ADT system in place, looks like a GE panel that needs to be brought online, doesn’t need to be with ADT

Also, a card access system that needs to be configured or replaced, there are 2 main doors that have magentic strike plate locks that also have buttons wired to existing locations to buzz the door open.

Need to add 3 cameras, to monitor the 3 exits. 1 camera per exit.

Need to add one or two digital displays, run power, network and setup for digital signage to show logo and a presentation.

Optional, need to set up conference room with projector and lighting.

Optional, would like to automate lighting in common areas, office areas already have light switches with proximity sensors.

Basically, need someone to come in, assess and recommend path of least resistance in getting this space functional.

If you know of any experienced person or company in the Minneapolis area that can help take over an existing space, PM me or respond here.

Need this done ASAP.


Hi Patrick,

Have you found anyone for your project yet. I realize this was posted almost a month ago. I am the owner of a residential and commercial technology integration company based in Plymouth and would love if we could assist. Let me know how we can help! Scott

I work for a company called MSpace based in Minneapolis - we are an A/V integrator, dealing with conference room and digital signage design/install. Let me know if you need help with any of those things.