Need better docs

(Richard Lee) #1

So, what’s the plan on providing better documentation? I see lots of undocumented functions used in example code, forum posts, blog entries, etc. Rarely is what’s there explained well by the ‘official’ documentation. Please provide a link to the secret docs.

For instance. log.debug() isn’t even documented, as far as I can tell.

(Chuckles) #2

Agreed, the SmartThings docs need improvement. The SmartThings crew have acknowledged this themselves, but progress seems slow.

The example you’ve given, however, is not actually a SmartThings “thing” - it’s part of the underlying Groovy language / API.

(Richard Lee) #3

In groovy, at the very least, one needs to add @Log to their class if they want to use the built in logger… I don’t see this annotation documented anywhere in the smarthings docs. What other annotations are missing?