Need an 'up/down' 120V switch - mechanical option included

I currently have a motorized blind that goes up / down. It’s currently controlled by a very simple 120V toggle switch that looks like a ‘decora’ light switch. The switch has ‘line in’, and then delivers 120V to one of two ‘output’ wires that go to the motor - one wire for the ‘up’ direction, one for the ‘down’ direction.

The switch has three ‘rest’ positions - (center ) = off, (top pressed) = up, (bottom pressed) = down. The switch ‘locks’ into either the ‘up’ or the ‘down’ position; I can simply press the ‘up’ side, it will stay in that position, and the blind rises to the top. Or, I can release the switch to ‘center’ position mid-travel, and the blind will stay half way open (desirable).

I want to replace this switch with a z-wave or zigbee alternative that will allow me to initiate the raise / lower remotely, but still offer local / manual operation of the blinds if needed. So the switch would likely have live and neutral for power, then two ‘output’ / ‘load’ wires, either of which would be energized by the pressing of the up / down sides of the paddle. Remotely, I would press a button for ‘up’ or for ‘down’, and I would need to be able to ‘stop’ the action at any moment (delays in operation due to ‘cloud’ execution would be a bummer here - I ‘never’ fully lower the blinds, stopping them strategically just when the sun stops entering).

Ideally I would just buy a switch that replaces the current ‘dumb’ switch, but if I had to, I could buy an ‘in wall’ hidden controller that is triggered by a switch plate that would go in place of the current switch.