Need an outdoor rated Z-wave bulb

Looking for an outdoor rated z-wave + bulb.

Any recommendations?

Thank you.

Z wave

I don’t believe there are any as yet. :disappointed_relieved: But you can always check the official Z wave alliance product site to see if there any that have been certified but are not yet on the market:


As far as zigbee bulbs, Philips just announced that they will have a line of outdoor Hue bulbs later this year. If those turn out to be successful, I would expect to eventually also see some from IKEA.

Meanwhile, GE makes a BR30 flood which is rated as suitable for outdoor use in an enclosed fixture:

Osram/Sylvania has a dimmable White PAR38 rated for outdoor use. Typically sells for around $16.

And several of their other models, like the BR30, have the same rating as the GE, they can be used outdoors in a partially enclosed fixture.


the LIFX (Wi-Fi) RGBW BR30s are also rated the same way as the GE’s, OK outdoors in a suitable fixture. These have an official SmartThings integration.


Ilumi has an IP64 rated outdoor RGBW flood (Bluetooth) which generally doesn’t have to be in an enclosed fixture. There’s no integration with SmartThings directly. If you have an android device, you could probably use Tasker and smarttools to get integration that way.

They also have an IFTTT channel which offers some integration possibilities:

I’ll admit I’m intrigued by the ilumi. Great specs. Also a full 1000 lm. The Bluetooth part makes it a little tricky, but if you have a tablet acting as a home automation controller, that might work.

So there are some possibilities now, but nothing Z wave plus. Again, if the Phillips hue bulbs turn out to be successful, then we might see more outdoor offerings from the Z wave manufacturers, but it would probably be a year or more before that happens.

Obviously if you wanted one to be a Z wave repeater, then the other options aren’t going to work for you. But if you were just looking for controllable outdoor lighting, there are some possibilities. :sunglasses:

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I am not aware of any Z-wave bulbs outdoors. I currently use my Phillips Hue (indoor) bulbs outside with no issue.

I have these on my outside lights. The bulb is enclosed, but it is subject to single digit temperatures several times in the winter, and over 95 degree days in the summer. So far they have performed as expected. A bonus is they act as a repeater so my mailbox sensor can join the network.

The only ding I give them is if power is lost, they flash full brightness white once per second like a distress signal. Unless we are home to see the strobe lights and flip the switch, the neighbors have to wonder what the heck is going on? Mad scientist in the basement draining the power? Grow lights overloading the system? Mouse on the wheel needs to go to the bathroom? Kidnap victim in the attic?

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I’m specifically looking for a Z-Wave bulb outside for repeater purposes.

Decided to do a hack job and enclose a Z-Wave bulb in a ziplock bag. Let’s see how it holds up to the weather. I believe in function over fashion =)

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It would be much safer to put it in a vented fixture rated for wet use. You can get these for less than $15. :sunglasses:


In case anyone else may be looking. Found this site. I’m thinking of ordering.

Would something like this work?