Need Advice on Whole System Changes, including a new security system

For purpose built security systems, low cost, DIY with monitoring, there are a number of candidates, but I think three good ones to consider depending on exactly what you need are:

  1. Ring. Excellent echo integration since it is owned by Amazon now, and a pretty good variety of devices. Your existing Z wave devices may work with it but they won’t be able to trigger security alerts. (like the SmartThings/ADT system, companies tend to keep very trite take control over which sensors are allowed to trigger monitoring calls, and sometimes this is required if they want to have UL listing)

Good pricing, good customer support. This is the inexpensive one that’s getting number one ratings at most of the security review sites, it’s certainly worth looking at.

You can talk to people using the system in the following thread:

Ring Alarm released! (Integration project in post 13)

  1. Abode. Interesting design, handles video better than most low cost monitoring systems since the video gets sent to the monitoring center as well. I’m annoyed with them because they’ve been promising HomeKit integration for a year and haven’t delivered yet, but people who already have them seem pretty happy. They have an IFTTT channel, so you can get a little bit of smartthings integration that way if you want it.

Supports some zigbee devices and some Z wave devices for their home automation rules, but it would feel stripped down compared to smartthings if you gave up smartthings all together. The security side is nice, though. :blush:

All of the community members that I know who got abode ended up leaving smartthings all together, I’m not sure who currently has it who would be posting in this forum, but hopefully they will chime in. :sunglasses:

  1. Simplisafe. Lots of people have that and like it, and there is a community built integration although it’s not as tight of an integration as the ADT model was.

And here’s the thread where you can talk to people who have it:

SimpliSafe Alarm Integration (cloud to cloud)