Need advice on Garage door control/monitoring

I’ve been a happy SmartThings user for about a year now. Before I discovered SmartThings (and began basing my home automation purchase decisions around it) I purchased the MyQ WiFi Garage Controller (model MYQ-G0201).

We have two Genie SilentMax 1000 (model 3042) garage door openers. For the past couple years we’ve been using the Chamberlain MyQ Garage WiFi hub with no issues. Recently the mainboard/motherboard in one of the openers died. I replaced the board, and reprogrammed the Genie brand keyfobs and the homelink in both our cars with no issues. I cannot for the life of me get the repaired opener reprogrammed into the MyQ hub. I have tried everything. I even factory reset the MyQ hub. I was able to reprogram the other garage door opener back in no issue, but the one with the new board still won’t work. The replacement board is supposedly the ‘newest revision’ - but that didn’t keep everything else from reprogramming. I’ve tried the manual programming instructions from Chamberlain’s website, and read all the knowledge base articles on Genie & Intellicode on Chamberlains’s website. Best I can figure since this replacement board is used in ALOT of Genie openers, the firmware may be set up for a different model that is very picky about what Genie rolling codes it uses.

So I hate to dump perfectly good hardware, but unless someone happens to know how to fix the above issue I’m thinking about just pulling out the MyQ setup and going with a Z-wave setup for true SmartThings integration. I’m leaning towards the Lowe’s Iris rebrand of the GD00Z-4. And yes I’m aware of the ‘digital’ wall switches that Genie uses and am comfortable with a soldering iron. :wink:

So my question is what seems to be the most reliable hardware & SmartThings device types if I go this route? Other than poor integration (on Chamberlian’s part) with SmartThings I’ve been happy with the reliability of MyQ and would like to match that and keep the WAF high.

Thanks everyone!