Need a thermostat that is ST compatible but can also handle fresh hvac air ventilation integration

Building a new house and the hvac contractor is putting in a brand new system, and says he usually uses a Honeywell T6 Pro wifi thermostat. I read here that this is not compatible with SmartThings (from various frustrated users), but that the Honeywell T6 Pro zwave version is (from at least one person who said it works perfectly with ST). So I asked them to use that version instead, thinking they would be exactly the same except for the wireless tech (zwave instead of wifi). He says he is familiar with the zwave version of this thermostat, and “that version of the T6 Pro thermostat is not able to perform the weather related lock outs that he integrates with the fresh air ventilation.”

I’m wondering if there are other recommendations I could make for him for a thermostat that would do the thing he describes here yet is still compatible with Smartthings?