Need a RED ! 3 switches, where I take the juice from?

I have a group of lights controlled by 3 switches. I am buying a DW15S-1BZ and it clairly mention that a red wire is needed for the wifi to be always on.

One the left switch, it goes to a 3 way switch upstair (so 3 wire there), the midlle switch only have a black and white and the right one (the one I want to change for a leviton) only has a black and white too…

Where do I take the red from (I tried the 3 wires from the left switch, it did not worked out).

i wouldn’t go by colors. One black and one white on a regular 2-way switch could mean that the line/hot is in the fixture. If this is the case. you are SOL for switches except for Lutron.

CRAP… Is there a way that i could use any of the wire to generate a kind of red ?


Can i use the two wire from a regular plug (my fridge plug is just over the same wall, 5 feets away) ?


first, what is red? Neutral? line? load? are you in the US or UK?

This is the Documentation

First of all, thank-you Jimmy for helping me. I am leaving in Canada (so same as US) and the installation manuel says that I need a wall box that has a Line Hot and a Neutral connection. I attached the note and even the full instruction.

Thanks again