Need a Quick Dimmer

I need a way to dim lights and bring them back up in about 10 seconds. 10 seconds to dim. 10 seconds to bring them back up.
I’ve tried the Gentle Wake Up app but the lowest limit is 1 minute. Any ideas?

What are the specific brands and models of the devices that you are trying to dim? This will be easier with some devices than with others.

Thanks for the help.
To be more specific, what I’d like to do is dim the lights as I start a movie and then bring them up again when the movie is over. Having them take 60 seconds to dim is too long. I’d rather take about 10 seconds to go from 100% to 0.

I have lamps connected to a Centralite 3-Series ZigBee Plug-in Lamp Module - Model 3100

Ok, that’s called the ramp rate. And you’re not talking about dimming down, waiting 10 seconds, and then dimming up, right? You’re just saying that you don’t want it to take more than a couple of seconds to go from Full bright to off or off to full bright, correct?

So you just need a dimming device that has an adjustable ramp right. And then you need to adjust it. :sunglasses:

This is typically easier with Z wave devices then with zigbee devices when using SmartThings.

I want it to take about 10 seconds to go from full bright to off.