Need a plug to turn back on after several minutes

I’m using the Smart Life app with sockets I purchased. I have one hooked up to a main recirculating pump on an aquarium. It’s working great through Google home. (on and Off via Voice) and on the SL app.

I need the following thing to happen.

Turn the pump/Socket off on command.
The pump automatically comes back on after 3 minutes.

I would like to call this action “feed Pump” via Google home. But I would be satisfied with just hitting a button in the Smart Life app.


Do you have a Smartthings hub ?
If so do you not use the SmartThings app then.
You could do what you want with a routine or Smartapp probably.
Definitely possible with the Webcore Smartapp


Hey, I’m using a Smart Life app. I have a Google home hub(haven’t hooked up) I mainly use goolge home on my phone.

Is the smart things app compatible with Google home? Is it better than smart Life app?

This forum is for users of Samsung SmartThings home automation hub and its ecosystem. SmartLife is an entirely different and unrelated product that fills the same space.

It’s like saying hey I have a Ford Mustang, will it work with my Chevy Camaro?


I noticed that after the first guy replied. I’m new. Obviously.

I use a Samsung note 9 etc.

How well does the Smart Things hub work with Google home? I put one in my Amazon Cart.

Does the interface of the Smart Things hub make it easy to do what I’m needing to be created?


It’s one of the most extensible platforms available and works with a lot of things. So you’re about to get a lot of responses that say yes it works with xyz… Including Alexa and GH.

That said, I strongly suggest you some searching on this forum before you run out and just order one. Make sure the devices you wish to control are supported or are able to be added. I guarantee if you put in the device by name you will find a thread about that device