Need a Keypad to arm and disarm ST hub that is battery powered and wall mounted

While The smart thing developers are debugging, the android presence sensor, I would like to have a control panel that can be wall mounted, runs on batteries, and used to arm and disarm the system and clear any alarm triggers.

The Iris Keypad from Centralite is a nice one that is pretty cheap (full price is $40, but coupons at Lowes can drop it).

Or you can buy it in one of the Iris kits for $99


My solution is an inexpensive “hack”, but it securely does the trick!

Still looking for feedback to tweak this SmartApp…

I use the centralite keypads from lowes to great acceptance from children and wife. They require one since ADT always had one.

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Just started with Smarthings after being bumped by Lowes IRIS after many years of use. My security keypad is 1st generation so it won’t work with Smartthings, or so i am old.
Any ideas of what will work. I would like a keypad for visiting friends to arm and disarm the system.

I need a keypad too. the current one from Iris is difficult to connect to the ST hub - anyone have instructions on how to connect it to the ST hub?

i have the Item # 690406 Model # 3405-L Iris White Security Alarm Keypad and I am using it with the Smarthings system. Let me know if yoyu still need assistance. I had to install a few modules in smarthings, but have been using for a few years now. with no problems.

try this link for instructions on how to set up the iris on smart things. It works great. it has some great features including:
I can set up my own pin for entry

I can check the armed status of the alarm by just waving my hand past the unit.

I can arm and disarm the system easily after entering the pin. Great for freinds and family that need to access you house, but do not have a presence sensor or phone app.

it even disarms my siren if the alarm should trip it.

See the topic at this link for instructions on how to set up. I am a bit slow, so it took a while to figure it out. if you need any help let me know.

Thanks. Unfortunately, I have the first generation IRis key pad, I don’t think that will work out (why they reimbursed the money). I have read that Cenralite makes a keypad that will work, I managed to get one as was planning on trying it out. What apps did you need to make the IRis work?

I have 3400-X Keypad Manager, and This guy.

Thanks. haven’t had a chance to follow up. Is this your code or one you found? I bought a Centralite Xfinity keypad off Ebay I am optimistic that this will work for me. I’ve got some reading to do as I am not familiar with groovy or the process to install the code.

The centralite device is very popular in the community, particularly since Mitch P wrote the first device type handler for it, although there are some others available now as well. :sunglasses:

Start by reading the custom code FAQ and it will explain the concepts and basic process ( The topic title is a clickable link)

After that, you can go to the quick browse list in the community – created wiki and find custom code contributed by community members on all different kinds of things.

For the keypads, look in the device type handler section on that page, and then look on the security devices list:

yeah it was a bit tricky to figure out, but I think that all you might need is the 3400-X keypad manager. it has been a while since I setup the keypad but I believe I had to set it up ona the api from my pc I created a new device hander and paste the code from Mitch Pond.

Good luck. I think mitch actually send me some simple instructions to follow.

mitchpond : Centralite Keypad

I have a suggestion for you that will solve your problem if you have a Zigbee or Z-Wave connected lock.

Try my device handler with webCoRE. It will populate $currentEventValue with either ‘keypadLocked’ (Zigbee) or ‘locked by keypad’ (Z-Wave) SmartThingsCustom

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